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.Net Training Course & Certification Institute

What is Course About

A Microsoft operating system platform that incorporates applications, a suite of tools and services and a change in the infrastructure of the company's Web strategy. The .NET Framework supports building and running of next gen of applications and XML Web services.

Course Objective

• To learn .Net Framework
• To understand .Net, C#
• To develop web application with ASP.Net
• To develop database applications using ADO.Net
• Build application using N Tier Architecture
• Using Web Services, Remoting and WCF to create distributed applications
• Develop simple and complex applications using .Net framework

 C And C++

Any Query

Basic Questions of .Net

What is ASP.NET?
ASP.NET was developed in direct response to the problems that developers had with classic ASP. Since ASP is in such wide use, however, Microsoft ensured that ASP scripts execute without modification on a machine with the .NET Framework (the ASP engine, ASP.DLL, is not modified when installing the .NET Framework). Thus, IIS can house both ASP and ASP.NET scripts on the same machine.

What are the different validators in ASP.NET?
ASP.NET validation controls define an important role in validating the user input data. Whenever the user gives the input, it must always be validated before sending it across to various layers of an application. If we get the user input with validation, then chances are that we are sending the wrong data. So, validation is a good idea to do whenever we are taking input from the user.
There are the following two types of validation in ASP.NET:
• Client-Side Validation
• Server-Side Validation

What is View State?
View State is the method to preserve the Value of the Page and Controls between round trips. It is a Page-Level State Management technique. View State is turned on by default and normally serializes the data in every control on the page regardless of whether it is actually used during a post-back.

What are the different Session state management options available in ASP.NET?
State Management in ASP.NET
• A new instance of the Web page class is created each time the page is posted to the server.
• In traditional Web programming, all information that is associated with the page, along with the controls on the page, would be lost with each roundtrip.

What is caching in ASP.NET?
Caching is one of the most interesting concept and operation in ASP.NET. If you can handle it, you can run any web application by applying the caching concept depending on the requirements.
Caching is for providing solutions or the results to the users depending on their request, admin needs to recreate the pages often depending on user requests…STOP!!! "A cache simply stores the output generated by a page in the memory and this saved output (cache) will serve us (users) in the future.".

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